Dark brown elm decor

An elegant and natural

An elegant and natural panel with beautiful wood grains. Lighter grains add character to the dark brown wood pattern. A great way to add a touch of natural wood and depth to the interior.

Improves room acoustics
Reduces echo
Suitable for wall and ceiling
Contains recycled materials
Easy to install
Ease of maintain
Acoustic design panel

Acoustic design panel

Acoustic design panel

Acoustic design panel

Environmentally friendly product made of recycled material.

Acoustic design panel

Combine wall panel Forest

Acoustic design panel
Acoustic design panel
Acoustic design panel

In addition to decorative properties, the panel also has acoustic enhancing properties, which dampen noise and soften sounds in the room.

The combinations of panels have been carefully developed, taking into account the suitability of the panels for different rooms, regardless of whether the goal is to achieve a Nordic minimalistic, classic or truly eye-catching result.



Slat composition

Black MDF

Slat finish

High pressure laminate with dark brown elm design

Panel measurements

2420 × 605 × 23 mm (height × width × thickness).
Custom height up to 3000 mm.


10.8 – 11kg

Places of use

Wall and ceiling

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Acoustic design panel

Environmentally friendly

Contains Oeko-Tex certified polyester felt made from recycled plastic. Optimal use of materials to reduce the amount of waste.

Acoustic design panel

High-quality products from Estonia

The panels are manufactured in Tallinn with the highest quality in mind.

Acoustic design panel

Fast delivery

Standard-sized panels are almost always available in stock.

Acoustic design panel

Freedom of design

8 designs in the standard range, however custom designs can also be combined.