Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions
  1. What are the dimensions of the panels?

    The standard size of the panels is 2420 × 605 × 23 mm (length × width × thickness)

    • Bottom felt depth 10 mm.
    • Bottom felt width 592.5 mm
    • Top slat depth 13 mm
    • Slat spacing 14.5 mm
    • Slat width 25 mm

    See section (pdf)

  1. Are there any panels of other lengths?

    Panels can be custom-made with a height up to 3000 mm.

  1. How to calculate the required amount of panels?

    Since the panels overlap each other, the width of the felt must be taken into account when calculating the required amount. Felt width is 592.5 mm.

    See section (pdf)

  1. What do the panels consist of? Are they made of wood?

    The panels are made of polyester felt and the slats are made of MDF or plywood coated with high pressure laminate.

    Polyester felt is made of recycled plastic.

  1. Do the panels reduce noise?

    The panels dampen echo and noise. You can see the test results here.

  1. Are the panels waterproof? Can the panels be installed in the entry room of a bathroom or sauna?

    The panels cannot be claimed to be water or moisture proof. The panels have been installed on the ceilings of bathroom and sauna entry rooms at the users’ own risk, and so far we have not received any negative feedback. The ventilation of the room plays an important part.

    Felt and laminate are not sensitive to moisture unlike MDF, which is the inner material of the slats.

  1. How to install the panels?

    There are different options for installing the panels – directly on the wall or on wood laths.

    You can fix the panels directly to the wall with screws (included) or with assembly adhesive / silicone (eg Moment One for All assembly adhesive).

    We recommend using screws as the first option, as this allows for the panels to be reused.

  1. Can I cut the panels myself?

    You can cut the panels yourself.

    The width of the panels can be cut to from the felt part with a carpet knife. We recommend cutting the width of the panels during installation to achieve a more accurate result.

    We recommend making lengthwise cuts with a fine-tooth circular saw. A high-quality result can be achieved if the saw has a guide/bar.

  1. Is it possible to come and see the panels?

    You can view samples in the showroom of Plaat Detail OÜ (Suur-Paala 5, Tallinn) and in Ehituse ABC stores all over Estonia.

  1. Can I get panels with a custom design?

    You can combine the panels to create a personal design – select the colour of the felt (black, grey), the composition material of the slats (natural MDF, black MDF, plywood) as well as the finish of the slats.

    The selection of slat finishes includes all high-pressure laminates sold by Plaat Detail.

    Please note that the minimum quantity of custom design panels is five.

  1. Do you offer installation and delivery of the panels?

    We do not offer installation, however we recommend contacting our reliable and knowledgeable partner Ardrai OÜ. www.ardrai.ee/kontakt

    The panels can be conveniently picked up at the warehouse of Plaat Detail OÜ at Suur-Paala 5, Tallinn. It is also possible to have a courier pick up the panels.

  1. How long is the delivery time of the panels?

    Panels of standard length are usually available immediately.

    For custom sizes or designs, the delivery time is generally 2–6 weeks.

  1. How much do the panels cost?

    The prices of the panels vary depending on the design.

    Fill in the request form here.

    If you would like to buy standard-sized panels immediately, place an order through the online store vagapood.ee

  1. I would like a quote.

    To get a quote, fill in the request form here.

  1. Can I also get fire retardant panels?

    By custom order, we can also make panels from fire retardant components.

    Contact Us.

  1. Where are the panels manufactured?

    The panels are made in Estonia.

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